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What is Rebag?

Rebag is the ultimate destination for buying and selling luxury handbags. Sell your bags to us for upfront payment, unlike consignment, and shop our curated selection of handbags online or in store.

Selling to Rebag

Rebag makes it possible to move on from unwanted baggage the second you’re ready. After reviewing our list of accepted designer brands, submit your once-loved bag for a quote through our mobile app, online at, or in store at any Rebag store location.

For online submissions, you’ll receive your quote in 1-2 business days – if you accept it, you’ll receive upfront payment within 2-3 business days after your bag passes our in-person vetting process. For in store submissions, receive both your quote and payment in less than 60 minutes.

Purchasing from Rebag

Rebag’s handbag selection is a curated assortment of the most coveted luxury brands. Rebag buys its product based on a list of accepted designer brands. Every bag is thoroughly vetted for condition, and Rebag-approved for authenticity by our team of in-house experts.

Is it safe to sell to Rebag?

Rebag’s selling process is fully transparent. Details of your quotes and orders are available in the “Submissions” section of “My Account”. Accepted quotes are accompanied with detailed invoices for your records, and all shipments and pick-ups facilitated by Rebag are tracked and insured. In addition, Rebag is available by email, phone, or chat if you would like to inquire about any updates or concerns.

What designer brands do you carry?

Rebag’s designer page offers a complete list of luxury brands that we buy and sell. Any brands not featured on this list are not accepted and are therefore unable to be purchased.


How long does it take to get a quote?

Online quotes are provided in 1-2 business days (Monday to Friday, holidays excluded) after your submission is received.

You can also sell your bag in person at one of our Rebag store locations in less than 60 minutes. Bring your bags to one of our stores, and we will provide a quote, complete our vetting process, and issue payment in under an hour.

Do I have to sell my bags if I don’t like my quote?

If you are not satisfied with your quote, or if you decide you no longer wish to sell, there is no obligation to accept our offer.

Are quotes free?

Yes. Rebag is a free service, so feel free to submit as many bags as you like.

Do quotes expire?

As the resale market is constantly fluctuating, our quotes expire after two weeks. If you would like to sell your bag to Rebag after this timeframe, please re-submit photos of your bag for a new quote.

How do you determine quotes?

All submissions are reviewed by our in-house buying team. They consider a variety of factors including, but not limited to: brand, condition, size, material, demand, seasonality, and current inventory. After multiple years of operation, we have accumulated an extensive proprietary database that enables us to offer competitive quotes.

Why haven’t I received my quote yet?

If you have received an email confirming your submission, but have not received a quote in 1-2 business days, please contact Rebag Client Services by email at or by phone at 1-844-373-7723 with your reference number.

If you have not received a confirmation email, there may have been an error in your submission. Log into your account and check your Submissions to see if it has been sent to Rebag. If it is not in your account, please submit your photos again and confirm your email address is correct.

How do I accept your quote?

You can accept a quote by logging into your Rebag account, going to “Submissions,” and clicking “Accept” next to your quote. Upon acceptance, you will need to provide additional information, such as shipping address and preferred payment method.


How do I send my bag to Rebag?

We provide four free options for sending your bags to Rebag after accepting your online quote:

  • Courier pick-up in Manhattan
  • Prepaid shipping label
  • Prepaid shipping box and label
  • Drop off at a Rebag store

Where do you pick-up?

We can schedule a free pick-up in Manhattan below 125th Street from Monday to Friday, between 9am to 7pm, and within a four-hour window. Our courier can pick-up from your home, office, or doorman.

If you are outside of our pick-up range, you can still select from the remaining available options: prepaid label, prepaid shipping box, or store drop off.

How do I drop off my bag at your store?

After you have received a quote, you can visit any Rebag store location and stop by the Rebag Bar with your bags. The vetting and payment process will be completed in less than 60 minutes. Payment is usually reflected in your account the next business day

What is the difference between a prepaid shipping label and prepaid shipping box? How do I use them?

If you request a prepaid shipping label, a shipping label is sent to the email address associated with your account, so you can print and affix it to your own shipping box. Pack your bags in your box, then print and sign the invoice provided to include inside the package. Once the shipping label is attached, you’re ready to ship.

If you request a prepaid shipping box, a shipping box including a label, invoice, and packing supplies will be shipped to the mailing address associated with your account. Please allow 2-6 business days for the materials to arrive. Pack your bags securely in the box with the provided supplies, including one signed invoice. Once the shipping label is attached, you’re ready to ship.

For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof to confirm that the package was dropped off and scanned at UPS. Rebag is not responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned into their system, or are dropped off at the wrong shipping carrier.

Why haven’t you received my order yet? What happens if my package is lost?

If we have not received your order yet, please check the tracking number on the UPS website to see if there are any delays. We will send a confirmation email as soon as we receive and identify your order.

All packages with a Rebag-provided shipping label are tracked and insured. In the event of a lost package, please contact Rebag Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or by email at for assistance.


What happens when you receive my package? How long do you take to process?

Once we receive your package, we will email you confirmation of the items received. Your handbags will then go through our thorough vetting process, which takes approximately 2-3 business days. Upon approval, we will proceed with payment.

At any of our Rebag stores, the vetting and payment process will be completed in less than 60 minutes.

How do you authenticate bags?

Rebag authentication is an integral part of our vetting process. Every handbag undergoes an in-house multilayered evaluation by our authentication experts before we proceed with payment. The Rebag team has decades of experience in authentication and are trained to detect inaccuracies. Please do not submit inauthentic handbags as we will not be able to buy them.

Rebag is independent from any brand affiliation. Brands are not responsible for any product purchased from Rebag, and do not guarantee the authenticity of goods sold. Authentication certificates are provided solely by Rebag.

Does the quote ever change after you receive my bags?

During the vetting process, if we find anything that was not disclosed in your submission, your quotes may be subject to revision. Quote revisions may occur due to condition, change in size, material, or slight model variation. If this is the case, we will ask for your approval before we proceed with the order.

If you do not agree with the revised quote, we will send the handbag back to you at no cost. To avoid quote revisions, please make sure to disclose any signs of wear so you receive the most accurate quote.

Why would my bag not pass the vetting process?

If we receive your handbags and they are not what was expected based on your submission, they may not pass our vetting process. This can be avoided by providing detailed photos and describing all signs of wear. For example, a handbag may not be within our guidelines if it is...

  • Inauthentic
  • In worse condition than expected, broken, odorous, or damaged
  • Not intended for resale (press sample, outlet item, employee purchase, etc.)
  • Monogrammed or refurbished by a third-party repair service

Please visit our Guidelines for more information.

What happens to bags that you don’t approve? Will you return them?

If a handbag is not approved after our vetting process, we will contact you with additional information.

If you shipped your bag to us, it will be returned to the address on file with UPS and signature confirmation required. You may request for us to remove signature tracking, but Rebag cannot be held responsible for the package if it is not successfully delivered. Please note that there is a flat $10 fee for shipping back a refused bag.

If you dropped off your bag at a Rebag store, it will be held for a limited period of time. Bags that are not claimed will be forfeited.

I’ve changed my mind. What if I want my bag back?

Once you have agreed to our quotes and we receive your handbags, we are unable to send your bags back to you. We only proceed with your order once you have agreed to our quotes. Please refer to our Terms of Service.


When is payment initiated?

After we receive your handbags, our vetting process takes 2-3 business days. Once your bags have been Rebag-approved, we will proceed with payment. For even faster service, bring your handbags to a Rebag store, and we will complete the quoting, vetting and payment process in less than 60 minutes.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment by ACH electronic transfer (similar to direct deposit), check, and Rebag Credit. If you choose Rebag Credit, an additional 10% will be added to your quoted price.

How long does it take to get paid?

For ACH electronic transfers, payment takes 1 full business day to reflect in your account.

Checks take 2-7 business days for delivery by mail. Please note checks do not have tracking numbers.

Rebag Credit is be available instantaneously at the completion of the order and can be used in store and online.

Can you pay in advance?

No. Our vetting process must be completed before payment can be issued. For even faster service, bring your handbags to a Rebag and we will complete the quoting, vetting and payment process in less than 60 minutes.

I haven’t received my payment.

If you have not received your chosen method of payment by the end of the timeframe given, please contact Rebag Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or email

What is Rebag Credit?

Rebag Credit is store credit for you to use on purchases on the app, online at, or in store at any Rebag store location.

Where can I find my Rebag Credit code? How do I use it?

Once your Rebag Credit is issued, we will email you a unique code. You can also see your credit balance in your Rebag account under Payments, and “Rebag Credit”.

To redeem your Rebag Credit through the app or online, apply your code at checkout in the field marked “Discount or Rebag Credit”. To redeem in store, present the email containing your code to an associate at checkout.

What information is needed for ACH electronic transfer payments?

For ACH electronic transfers, we will need your banking account number and electronic routing number. Please note that Rebag will only issue payment to accounts that match the name of the person completing the order.

Where do you store my payment information?

All payment details are saved in a secured payment system.

Can I change my payment details or payment method for an order?

If your order has not yet been paid, you may edit your payment details directly in your account. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account and find the order. Click on “Order Details,” then “Edit Order”
  2. Click “Save and Continue,” This will bring you to the payment page, where you can add or select new payment details
  3. Click “Save and Finish”


What do you sell at Rebag?

Rebag opens a world of curated, top-quality luxury handbags. Shop thousands of one-of-a-kind bags from 50+ designer brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more through our mobile app, online at, or in store. Find your forever favorite, or embark on a handbag honeymoon with the intention of bringing it back to Rebag within 6 months for store credit. All of our handbags are white-glove inspected and Rebag-approved, with new arrivals added every week.

Are your bags authentic?

Rebag authentication is an integral part of our vetting process. Every handbag undergoes an in-house multilayered evaluation by our authentication experts before it is Rebag-approved and listed for sale. If you purchase a handbag and it is proven to be inauthentic by a verified authenticator, Rebag will honor a full refund upon return of the bag.

Rebag is independent from any brand affiliation. Brands are not responsible for any product purchased from Rebag, and do not guarantee the authenticity of goods sold. Authenticity certificates are provided solely by Rebag.

How often do you get new handbags?

Hundreds of new handbags are released on each week. Visit us on Wednesdays and shop our New Arrivals before they’re gone. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new products and receive exclusive email offers, product alerts, handbag inspiration and more.

Can I get a discount?

We are committed to providing value to our customers and our pricing is highly competitive. Unfortunately, prices cannot be negotiated. All handbags are unique, and we hold only one of each listing, so we recommend that you purchase them while they are available.

The bag I want is already sold, can I bookmark it?

All our items are one of a kind and sell quickly. If you find a bag you like but is already sold, you can set up an email notification to alert you when it is back in stock. On the sold product listing, click on “Email me similar bags,” and the notification will be set up through your account. You will receive an email the next time a similar bag becomes available. To edit or remove existing alerts, go to “My Account” and click “Wishlist” for more options.

Do you provide purchase and shipping confirmation?

When you complete your purchase, you will receive an email confirming that we received it and it is processing. Processing may take up to 1 business day. Once approved, we will proceed with the shipment of your purchase and you will receive a shipping confirmation email.

What payment methods do you accept?

Rebag accepts all major credit and debit cards. Only one credit card may be used per purchase. We also accept payment through PayPal, Affirm, and Rebag Credit.

Please visit our Payment page for more information.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Sales tax is charged for online purchases shipped to the following US states: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, Washington. Sales tax is charged for in store purchases placed in any of our retail locations. The sales tax applied to your purchase will be calculated prior to checkout.


How do you ship?

All domestic packages are shipped with UPS and signature confirmation is required. We ship with USPS for purchases shipping to PO boxes and military addresses only. Our products are shipped in nondescript packaging.

How long does standard and expedited shipping take, and what do they cost?

Standard shipping will take approximately 4-7 business days to arrive once shipped. Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Purchases below $4,000: $20
  • Purchases of or above $4,000: $60

Expedited shipping is only available for domestic shipments in the U.S. and will take approximately 1-3 business days to arrive once shipped. Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Purchases below $4,000: $55
  • Purchases of or above $4,000: $85

Please note that purchases placed after 4pm ET are considered as made the next business day. Purchases placed on Saturdays and Sundays will be processed the next Monday (barring a federal holiday). It takes 1 business day for a purchase to be processed before shipment.

All shipments are tracked, insured, and require signature confirmation upon delivery.

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping will take approximately 6-9 business days to arrive once shipped. We ship internationally with UPS, or we will exceptionally ship with DHL or USPS depending on location. Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Purchases below $4,000: $75
  • Purchases of or above $4,000: $100

Please note that customers are responsible upon delivery for any import duties, goods and services tax (GST), value added tax (VAT), customs fees, and any other tax on top of the Rebag purchase price. Delivery delays may occur due to external factors such as customs clearance. Items made of exotic materials cannot be shipped outside the US. No returns can be accepted on international purchases. All shipments are tracked and insured.

We are unable to make changes to a purchase once it has been placed. If you have any shipping questions or requests, please contact us before purchasing by email at, or at 1-844-373-7723.

Do you accept returns?

Rebag accepts U.S. returns as long as items comply with our return policy, are in the same condition as described on the product page, and still have the Rebag return tag attached. Rebag cannot accept international returns. We can only honor returns through the following return process:

  1. A written request must be filed by email to within 2 business days of delivery (as proven by the tracking number). Please provide your purchase number
  2. Item must be shipped back to Rebag no later than 2 business days from when the prepaid return label was provided (as proven by the tracking number)
  3. Request a receipt as proof that the package has been scanned when dropping off at UPS. Rebag is not responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned
  4. Shipment fees both ways will not be refunded. You are liable for both the initial shipping fee and the return shipping fee; the return shipping fee costs $20 for purchases below $4,000, and $60 for purchases of or above $4,000
  5. Upon receipt of the return, you will receive a refund to your original payment method, regardless of reason, within 10 business days


Where are the Rebag stores located?

Our store locations can be found here. We are open 7 days a week including most holidays, with the exception of December 25 and January 1.

How does the selling process work at the Rebag stores?

Bring your bags to one of our Rebag stores and we will quote, authenticate, and issue payment in under an hour. Please note it is required to present a valid form of government-issued identification.

What happens if you cannot purchase my bags after I dropped them off?

If we are unable to purchase your bags, we will notify you by email, and you can pick them up at your earliest convenience. Bags that are not claimed will be forfeited.

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